16 Nutritional Yeast Recipes That Go Way Beyond Popcorn

16 Nutritional Yeast Recipes That Go Way Beyond Popcorn

There is no better thing to pack in a lunchbox—or bring on a hike, or take to a picnic—than this Ranch Fun Dip, a savory-crumbly mix that will make your cucumber spears and carrot sticks feel like they just won the lottery. It has pistachios and chile flakes, dried dill and garlic powder, but the most important ingredient of all is nutritional yeast.

What is nutritional yeast, you ask? A flaky, savory seasoning that turns everything it touches into gold. Of course, the best way to get to know it is to cook with it. Below we’ve got a staff-favorite pasta salad that just happens to be vegan, a dumpling-laden chickpea soup to slurp on a chilly night, and upgraded overnight oats you’ll look forward to as you fall asleep. And yeah, that amazing Ranch Fun Dip

Here are our 17 favorite recipes with nutritional yeast. This wonder ingredient is shelf-stable and lasts for literal years, so there’s no excuse to not have two jars in the pantry at all times.

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