19 Bundt Cake Recipes We Can’t Wait to Bake

19 Bundt Cake Recipes We Can’t Wait to Bake

The best Bundt cake recipes are the ones you can pull together in a snap—and that’s pretty much all of them. When you can’t be bothered to assemble a layer cake or spread, chill, then spread some more cream cheese frosting on that carrot cake (it’s a process), but you want something a step up from browniescupcakes, or fudge, put your faith in the decorative grooves of your favorite Bundt pan. You don’t have to do any extra work for a beautiful design; it’s built right into the pan’s shape.

That said, we know some of you overachievers can’t help yourselves. While some of our delicious recipes, such as this classic pound cake with a buttery-beyond-belief crumb, are simple, others get a bit more complicated with a caramel glaze or dark chocolate icing. Point is: There’s variety here. The only thing that ties these Bundt cake recipes together, besides their namesake cake pan, is that they’re all made from scratch. (This is not the place for boxed pudding mix or yellow cake mix.) Here are our best Bundts.

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