23 Rice Noodle Recipes to Slurp Right Up

23 Rice Noodle Recipes to Slurp Right Up

Yes, all of these rice noodle recipes contain a star ingredient (the rice noodles)—you’ll also see “rice sticks,” “rice vermicelli,” or “vermicelli noodles” on packaging at your local grocery store—but there’s so much variety within the category. The rice noodle canon is as expansive as it is delicious, and it’s worthwhile to learn the actual noodle names if you don’t already know them.

A few of our go-to’s: Bánh pho, flat rice noodles that are medium width, are good for slurping from a bowl of soup. Chinese ho fun, known as kway teow in Southeast Asia, are extra-wide and chewy, perfect for pan-fried rice noodle dishes. Thin Hsinchu mifen is the key to a great noodle stir-fry. And there are so many more we don’t have room to list them all—so let’s take a break to actually cook some of them. Here are our best rice noodle recipes—plus one easy bonus recipe to get you started, Singapore noodles.

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