31 Burger Recipes for a Summer’s Worth of Cookouts

31 Burger Recipes for a Summer’s Worth of Cookouts

Grilling season is upon us, which means it’s time to deliver our best burger recipes to you and yours. But even if you don’t have a grill and can’t get to one, you don’t have to miss out on the fun. Below you’ll find smash burgers aplenty: a variation that does better in a cast-iron skillet (whether you heat that skillet on a grill or stovetop is totally up to you). So set aside thoughts of baking meatloaf and simmering meatballs. The next few months are about forming ground meat (or meat-free alternatives!) into hamburger patties and idling in the summer breeze—don’t forget the sesame buns.

You want toppings? How about some caramelized onions? Or whip up a classic slaw and set out a side of baked beans. Take the opportunity to turn that hamburger recipe into a cheeseburger recipe with feta or Swiss or pepper Jack or mozzarella or cheddar or good ol’ American cheese. For a condiment upgrade, gussy up a bottle of ketchup with tahini. Tartar sauce goes great with a shrimp burger—and even better with store-bought fries. Romesco for a lamb burger? BBQ sauce for a bacon burger? So many options await you.

Whether it’s made with ground beef, turkey, chicken, salmon, or plant-based ingredients, every burger on this list is not just a good burger, not just a great burger, but a perfect burger. (Debate is welcome; winner gets a homemade burger.)

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