31 Easy Soup Recipes That’ll Make You Feel Extra Cozy All Day Long

31 Easy Soup Recipes That’ll Make You Feel Extra Cozy All Day Long

As cold temperatures move in, it’s the time of year to turn to easy soup recipes to warm yourself up from within. Pre-made boxed and canned soups (think, cans of tomato soup and clam chowders) definitely have a time and place—namely when you’re in desperate need of a busy-day soup. But it’s true that nothing soothes the soul quite like the smells, sounds, and flavors of a homemade, bubbling brew. It’s comfort food at its finest!

Believe it or not, a lot of different types of soup are actually surprisingly easy to prepare. Take cheddar broccoli soup, which can be made entirely with frozen vegetables, pre-grated cheese, and a handful of other ingredients that don’t require any prep (like heavy cream and spices). All you have to do is put everything in a pot, let it cook, and dig in when the timer goes off. Even seemingly complicated soups, like dal or ramen, don’t require much more than the occasional stir and the right ingredients to prepare to perfection.

Though you definitely don’t need any fancy kitchen gadgets to prepare many quick soup recipes, there are a few tools that will make the process even easier. Love silky, pureed soups? A handheld blender will be your best friend because it allows you to blend directly in the pot and avoid dirtying your big, bulky, countertop blender. An Instant Pot is another great appliance to have on hand for soup making, because it cooks traditionally slow-cooking ingredients, like dried beans and lentils, in a just a fraction of the time. And a slow cooker can be great for busy weeknights, allowing you to have a delicious, comforting soup ready when you come home from work.

There are also a handful of pantry staples worth keeping around to guarantee that hearty soup recipes are always possible. Canned beans last a really long time and can be used in an enormous assortment of brothy dishes, from minestrone to smoky black bean numbers. Stocking your cabinets with small but mighty ingredients like bouillon powder, tomato paste, and soy sauce will also ensure that you always have the building blocks to make a flavor-packed soup.

These 30 easy soup recipes are as easy to make as they are to eat. From spicy tom yum to sweet butternut squash soup, there’s a tasty idea in this list for every craving. Take a look through these delicious soup recipes, and you may just find a new favorite soup!

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