31 Pecan Recipes for However You Pronounce Pecan

31 Pecan Recipes for However You Pronounce Pecan

Pecans are famously fatty. With a richness comparable to butter, this nut is native to America, part of the hickory family, and flavorful to the nines. Case in point: these 31 pecan recipes to cook and bake and gawk over. Many are sweet, like Sweet Potato Pecan Pie, Miso and Maple Pecan Butter Mochi Cake, and Double Pecan Thumbprints. But pecans have a savory side too, whether it’s put toward a winter squash pasta, a bitter greens salad, or rosemary-sizzled salami.

Here are our favorite pecan recipes, plus some trivia for good measure: Did you know that pecan trees can live for hundreds of years? Hundreds of years! Now you know.

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