37 Cauliflower Recipes We Want to Eat All the Time

37 Cauliflower Recipes We Want to Eat All the Time

When you think about cauliflower recipes, what comes to mind? Buffalo cauliflower? Mashed cauliflower? Cheesy gratin? That cauliflower pizza crust you remember trending a few years back? Low-carb cauliflower tots, a.k.a. your favorite reason to pull out the air fryer? These all sound great, but there’s so much more that you can do with this cruciferous vegetable.

First, some tips for how to buy and store cauliflower. Look for compact heads—slight discoloration or spotting is normal, but avoid any that are totally black in places—with leaves that reach partially up the vegetable. Those leaves should be crisp, not rubbery, and should snap off when bent back. Once you’ve brought it home, you can store it in the refrigerator whole or cut into florets, covered in a loose or perforated wrapping or storage bag either way. We recommend using it within a week.

As for how to cook cauliflower, scroll on to find our very best cauliflower recipes.

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