37 Grilled Chicken Recipes to Make This Summer

37 Grilled Chicken Recipes to Make This Summer

The best grilled chicken recipes go hand in hand with summer. Picture your first backyard party of the season: the aroma of charred meat wafting from the grates, chilled cocktails at arm’s reach, friends awkwardly transitioning from sneakers to sandals…we can almost feel the sun on our faces as we daydream in front of our computers.

Let’s make it a reality, though, shall we? From coconut-milk-and-chili-paste-marinated thighs to charred drumsticks glazed in savory caramel sauce to the ultimate hot and toasty sandwich, these recipes for grilled chicken will keep your barbecue working hard from Memorial Day through Labor Day (and beyond if you want them to). Most importantly, they’re full of flavor. So make sure you have all the tools you need and get grilling.

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