37 High-Protein Snacks to Power You Through the Day

37 High-Protein Snacks to Power You Through the Day

When your afternoon keeps stretching on and on and on, nothing can help you avoid the dreaded midday slump quite like high-protein snacks. Not only does that important macronutrient support many body functions (like maintaining muscle mass and helping your immune system function, as SELF previously reported), but eating enough protein also helps ensure you aren’t hungry again 45 minutes later—which is super important when looking for a snack that’ll leave you satisfied until dinner.

That’s because the amino acids in protein take a while for your body to break down, and this slower digestion also results in a longer, more steady release of energy, Rebecca Scritchfield, RDN, certified exercise physiologist and author of Body Kindness, tells SELF. She recommends eating sources of protein throughout your day—not just in your main meals, though that’s important too—so that your energy levels remain consistent all day, and that slump becomes a thing of the past.

To really get the most out of your high-protein snack, though, it’s best to have one that includes other major macronutrients as well. According to SELF columnist Jessica Jones, MS, RD, certified diabetes educator and Food Heaven cofounder, it helps to pair your high-protein snacks with a solid source of fat and/or carbs too—the most satisfying snacks usually have at least two different food groups. (Besides, factoring in more nutrients will only make your snack game more interesting.)

But if you’re working in an office or anywhere that doesn’t have easy access to a fridge, though, your protein-rich snacking options may seem limited. Don’t worry: Standbys like Greek yogurt or hummus aren’t the only ways to satisfy your snacking demands. There are actually so many shelf-stable products and make-ahead recipes that are easy to take on the go and can safely be stowed in your desk or locker for whenever hunger pangs strike.

We have you covered with dozens of healthy high-protein snack ideas that can be kept right in your desk drawer. These 37 desk-friendly, filling snack ideas include both products you can buy that are tasty as they are long-lasting and recipes you can prep yourself at home and bring to work with options for all kinds of dietary restrictions. The one thing they do all have in common? No fridge required.

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