47 Avocado Recipes for Buttery Green Joy

47 Avocado Recipes for Buttery Green Joy

There are many different ways to eat avocado. Our best recipes for everyone’s favorite green fruit (yes, it’s a fruit—sorry, limes) will take you on a journey from breakfast through dessert. We have fancy avocados with turmeric-garlic sauce; fried avocados, which you could enjoy as tacos or serve as avocado fries along with chipotle salsa or mayonnaise; liquified avocados for drinking; avocados baked into chocolate treats—and before you ask, yes, we do have an avocado toast or two, plus a couple of riffs on guacamole.

But, the possibilities for using avocados are truly endless; if you asked us to work them into every recipe, we probably could. Try slipping some avocado slices into a BLT—we promise, no one will complain. Like one of our readers, you could substitute the jalapeño and tomatoes in this shrimp salad recipe for slivered snap peas and avocado and scoop up the mixture with tortilla chips. Or you could just get scrolling already to discover all the best ways to eat an avocado.

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