A ‘Rare’ Moment of Fun? Twitter Shares Its Favorite Ribeye Recipes And There Was Not One ‘Mis-steak’

A ‘Rare’ Moment of Fun? Twitter Shares Its Favorite Ribeye Recipes And There Was Not One ‘Mis-steak’

The world seems so very heavy right now and sometimes Twitter needs a fun trending topic to lighten things up. Today’s offering is not only yummy, but possibly educational. Tweeps regaled us with their suggestions for preparation of the perfect ribeye steak.

— CarnivoreJT (@carnivore_jt) October 22, 2023

Searing my ribeye pic.twitter.com/szNyObo5o6

— upandtotheright⚖️🚽 (@upandtotherigh5) October 22, 2023

The most tender bite of meat in my estimation is the top cap of a ribeye steak, that meltingly tender strip wrapped around the eye of the rib. This is called the spinalis or the ribeye cap. We did a meat tasting tonight and separated the spinalis, did a low and slow roast then… pic.twitter.com/RxcUahLNtv

— Chef Andrew Gruel (@ChefGruel) October 17, 2023

Even a renowned Chef weighed in.

The flat iron steak is one of the more underrated cuts. It’s the perfect grilling steak in my opinion due to its rich flavor, marbling and size. The team picked this grilled flatiron over a ribeye. Oven 8 min at 200f, then rubbed w a light mix of mustard, soy, oj and herbs -… pic.twitter.com/EtFw4oXrRY

— Chef Andrew Gruel (@ChefGruel) October 14, 2023

Chef Andrew is full of good eatin’ advice.

Thinking of running this ribeye sandwich back tomorrow 😩 pic.twitter.com/Pf9aRugtPZ

— Grip Bayless (@Talleyberry_) October 15, 2023

Even suggestions for placing steak on a sandwich.

35 day salt-aged 800g sharing Ribeye…hitting the heat. pic.twitter.com/7YYnpMGuXW

— Peter Hannan (@MeatPeter) October 17, 2023


I haven’t had a ribeye since Friday night, so I figured I’d keep it simple and fix that.

Man’s Gotta Eat 💯 pic.twitter.com/AsEOwXl3p2

— Kinda Loud Army Dad (@WontQuitEver) October 16, 2023

Dinner was………… ribeye!! pic.twitter.com/pE1jRbFBV4

— Dr Shawn Baker 🥩 (@SBakerMD) October 22, 2023

Ribeye, baked sweet potato, and stuffed jalapeños. This will be the #3 plate at my restaurant in Costa Rica. pic.twitter.com/8t7AAyCua7

— Richard J Torres (@rjkeats_98) October 22, 2023

The trend included plans for future restaurant menus in Costa Rica as tweeps planed their retirement dreams.

First time having a prime graded ribeye and I wasn’t disappointed. It was fried in fat from the pork belly you see next to it. I seared that on all four sides before tossing it into a 350° oven to finish while I practically deep fried the steak. #carnivorediet #keto #yes2meatpic.twitter.com/hozEuS5Ly5

— 💯 Cary Kelly 💯 (@CaryKelly11) October 19, 2023

This is what beef should look like. Seems to be a chuck eye which is one of my favorite cuts. Also known as a “poor man’s ribeye” it is very similar in tenderness but much cheaper. You should be able to ask your butcher to cut a chuck into steaks and ask for closer to the loin. https://t.co/5YcatwDlu5

— Joshua Rainer (@JoshRainerGold) October 22, 2023

The trend is even full of advice for obtaining excellent cuts of meat of great prices. With today’s economy, that is sorely needed.

About to make some ribeye for breakfast. Using my homemade rosemary and herbs salt. Going to reverse sear this.

Rosemary salt

Sea salt flakes

Fresh rosemary

Fresh thyme

Fresh sage

Lemon peel

Bake in oven on 275F for 1 1/2 hour, then sear in cast iron. Add butter, herbs

SERVE pic.twitter.com/xMnBzMFUlN

— Chef Balo Eats (@chefbaloeats) October 14, 2023

Never overlook a good steak for breakfast with a side of eggs.

800g sharing Ribeye…

8 minutes per side…8 minutes in the oven…8 minutes resting. pic.twitter.com/HWQIzQ4iLV

— Peter Hannan (@MeatPeter) October 17, 2023

One last preparation suggestion and now all are well acquainted with how to prepare the perfect cut of meat.

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