Andrew Zimmern Says TikTok Recipes Need to Stop This Holiday Season

Andrew Zimmern Says TikTok Recipes Need to Stop This Holiday Season

Andrew Zimmern
Enough With the TikTok Recipes!!!
Keep it Simple For Holidays

12/26/2022 12:20 AM PT

Andrew Zimmern is putting an end to a very important debate … mayonnaise does NOT belong in eggnog — holidays or not — and TikTok recipes do not belong in the kitchen!!!

We got the ‘Bizarre Foods’ host at LAX and picked his brain about the … well, bizarre recipes going around on social media this festive season. Spoiler alert — AZ ain’t having it.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Our photog asked about the mayo and eggnog trend … and despite Andrew having tried some of the most exotic foods in the world, he says that blend is just plain wrong.

Andrew doubled down saying … folks need to stop cooking à la TikTok, altogether. He says, every day there seems to be a new hack or outrageous trend. Next thing ya know there’s gonna be a salmon fudge ice cream — yes, he said that, and we hope to God that’s hyperbole!!!

His advice is pretty simple … keep it simple and focus on making it good, instead of unique. Now, we did tackle one more gastro controversy with Andrew — charging family members for homemade holiday meals.

Andrew says, he doesn’t blame folks for passing the hat. Check out his advice to families gathering for a holiday dinner — he might have a lot of people putting credit cards down at grandma’s house.

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