Bon Appetit Editors’ Favorite Recipes of 2022

Bon Appetit Editors’ Favorite Recipes of 2022

That’s all, 2022. From the good (most popular recipes!) to the bad (least favorite food trends!), we’re spending December looking back. Head here for all the stories in BA’s year in review.

As the staff of Bon Appétit, we tend to cook and bake quite a few recipes by year’s end. But when it comes to our favorites—the ones we return to week after week when we need to get dinner on the table, or hastily pack  lunch for the office, there are a few standouts. From zingy, hearty lentil soup, to not one or two but three speedy tofu recipes, these are the dishes we cooked through again and again in 2022. And as for the recipes our readers cooked again and again? Click here for our 10 most popular dishes of the year.

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