Chef Jessica Formicola Shares Easy Back-To-School Meals and Snack Solutions on TipsOnTV

Chef Jessica Formicola Shares Easy Back-To-School Meals and Snack Solutions on TipsOnTV

Recipe Developer, Founder of and Super Mom Chef Jessica Formicola Shares Quick and Tasty Family Recipes

ATLANTA, September 11, 2023 (

Most modern families face busy schedules with work, school and extracurricular activities. The challenge is to create quality meals even when life gets hectic. That requires inspired planning and some help from an expert. TV personality, cookbook author and recipe developer Jessica Formicola is partnering with Sprouts Farmers Market to offer some ideas for creating tasty meals in minutes for families.


Breakfast is an important part of any day, so it helps to build a better breakfast with nourishing ingredients to start the day off right. For kids of all ages and adults, pair grain-free granola and fresh berries with any yogurt, make it Greek to add extra protein, or try sausage crescent rolls with egg and cheese. Put a healthy twist on them by using Jones all-natural turkey sausage and Immaculate organic crescent rolls available at Sprouts. Or, for a special twist, serve up Sprouts’ mini chocolate chip pancakes.


Take the guesswork out of packing a healthier lunch with wholesome chips, fresh fruit, veggies, and filling sandwiches. Try Applegate turkey-breast roasted slices that are antibiotic-free on fresh baked bread, add an Oatmeal Chocolate Chip GoMacro Bar and apple slices, and that lunch box will be cleaned out every day. Sprouts offers fresh, seasonal produce and better-for-you healthy products to fit any dietary need.


Fuel afternoon snack time with easy-to-make snack boards. Pile on kiddo favorites like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, grilled cheese and a rainbow of farm-fresh fruits and vegetables to keep them nourished. Get the kids involved. Let them help build the board so they can pick and choose their favorite items, and then enjoy it together. Add lots of color! Catch their eyes with a variety of colors and textures, like fresh blackberries, juicy peaches, and unique dipping sauces.


Think convenience. One easy option is chicken fettuccine Alfredo complete with the freshest ingredients. Or try these chicken street tacos, and it does not have to be Tuesday to have tacos. Try them any day of the week. Or, for real convenience, let Sprouts do the prepping and grab a heat-and-eat meal full of chef-prepared flavors. Sprouts is everything to love about a farmers market, open seven days a week, rain, or shine. For more information, visit


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