How much sugar? Netizens chime in after food vlogger tries out bubble tea hotpot, Lifestyle News

How much sugar? Netizens chime in after food vlogger tries out bubble tea hotpot, Lifestyle News

From milo with maggi curry noodles to pickles with chocolate, the internet has offered us the weirdest food combinations.

This one is not any different.

Singaporean food vlogger Calvin Lee left netizens in a tizzy with the recent episode of his What If series where he tries bizarre food recipes.

The 32-year-old, who goes by username Foodmakescalhappy, posted the 24-second TikTok video on Monday (Aug 21) in which he combines two of Singaporeans’ favourite food. 


I want my BBT BBT HOTPOT! 🧋🍲😄 #sgfoodie #bubbletea #bobatea #asiandelights #comfortfood #cookinghacks

♬ I Want My Bubble Tea (feat. Benjamin Kheng) – The Ann & Ben Show & Annette Lee

“What if we eat hotpot using bubble tea?” wrote Calvin in the video caption.

With an array of typical hotpot ingredients and five cups of Koi’s milk tea prepared, he excitedly poured the drinks into the pot.

Each cup of milk tea had different toppings; ranging from grass jelly and taro to regular golden pearls.

“I have a good feeling about this!” he remarked as he scooped up a ladle of the milk tea to show the toppings in it.

He then added in a plate of vegetables which included cabbage, green onions, broccoli, as well as enoki and king mushrooms.

Of course, it’s not a hotpot without any meat in it. 

He added in a few thin slices of red meat before stirring up the concoction in the hotpot.

He eagerly pulled out a strip of meat and bit into it before revealing his verdict.

To the surprise of many, it’s a positive one.

“Oh yes! The meat has such a nice tea flavour woo,” said Calvin.

He even happily sipped on the ‘soup’ after, looking elated as he added that it has “extra sweetness from the meat and veggies”.

As a finishing touch, he poured in some chilli for “extra shiokness” and urged viewers to give his bubble tea hotpot a go. 

Bubble tea with garlic chilli?

Speaking to AsiaOne, Calvin revealed that he had the idea of trying out the questionable combination as he loves bubble tea and hotpot, and wanted to see how the “best of both worlds” would work together.

The full-time senior fundraising executive definitely wasn’t kidding when he proclaimed himself to be a bubble tea fan, as he mentioned some awful combinations he previously tried with the drink: “Bubble tea with century egg

He added that bubble tea with garlic chilli was another bad one.

What’s next?

Netizens were divided in the comments section of the TikTok clip as some praised him for his creativity, while others felt that he was ruining the beloved drink.

“Why bro just why?” lamented one netizen, to which Calvin replied: “Why not?”

“Thanks for desecrating the food we all know and love,” said another sarcastically. 

Another commented that they love his “creative food combinations”, but asked him to be “honest if it’s not nice” so that viewers know what to avoid.

“How much percentage for the sugar level?” asked a netizen. Calvin responded, saying that all the drinks were at zero per cent sugar as the toppings were already sweet.

There were also recommendations for his next review, such as nutella with porridge and fried strawberries.

In response to a suggestion to try mee goreng with milk tea to form “mee rebus”, Calvin said: “OMG great idea!”

I guess we now know what is next on Calvin’s plate and his next episode.

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