Man Finds Cave On Property, Enters Cave And Realizes His Mistake

When He Entered The Cave, He Discovered Something New. The Cave Wasn’t Very Big. As We Proceeded, Many Questions Arose. But He Was Also Full Of Excitement.

As He Approached The Wall, He Could Not Help But Pick Up And Touch The Glowing Material. He Wondered If It Was Real Gold. But He Soon Ventured Further Into Adventure.

Cold And Damp Inside

What He Didn’t Expect Was The Temperature Inside The Cave When He Re-Entered The Cave To Explore Again. He Had All The Tools For Cave Exploration, But Forgot About This Point.

Despite The Temperature Outside, It Was Cold And Humid Inside The Mine. He Soon Found That His Tracks Were Buried Four Inches Into The Ground. And That There Is Fresh Water Like A Pool Inside. So He Knew It Could Be Dangerous.

Echo Sound

Inside The Cave There Were Many Unseen Objects And Untouched Objects. Humidity And Cold Weren’t The Only Things Christopher Found.

However, When I Looked Beyond The Flashlight, I Could Not See The Depths Of The Tunnel. He Realized There Was Something There. And Then I Heard Something Echoing From The Depths Of The Tunnel! I Was Full Of Curiosity, But It Never Occurred To Me That I Had Made A Mistake Moving Here.

No Light, No Heat

Christopher Had Bare Necessities For The Expedition, But Knew Nothing About Caves. Therefore, Was The Sound Heard From Inside The Cave The Sound That Was Heard There, Or Was It The Sound That Was Heard After Repeated Echoes?

As I Went Through The Tunnel, There Was A Place Where The Wind Didn’t Pass. There Was No Heat And No Light. He Held The Lantern As If He Were Holding A Sword For Battle. This Time The Sound Is Even Louder. He Seemed To Hear The Sounds Of Old Metal And Machinery.

Now Surrounded By Dirt And Water, His Boots Sank As He Walked. And He Found A Yellow, Crumbling Ventilation System. It Was Chained, Moss Covered And Rusty.

Mysterious Energy

In This Photo, You Can See Strangely Shaped Natural Materials Built Up Over The Years In A Cave With Strange Shapes.

Suddenly Christopher Began To Feel That There Was A Mysterious Energy Here. It Was Something That Attracted Him, But There Was Nothing Behind Him. But He Followed The Stream Of Water To Where His Original Voice Was. Do You Live Here

The Light At Last

For The Miners, Having Installed A Ventilation System To Bring In Air, Be It Natural Or Artificial, The Next Thing That Had To Be Artificially Created Was The Light. And For That, Artificial Light Was Necessary.

“And The Temperature Around Me Seemed To Suddenly Drop, And I Felt A Negative Atmosphere In The Tunnel,” He Said. He Was Already About 150 Feet Into The Tunnel, And Looking Back He Could See A Faint Light Toward The Entrance.

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