Ordinary Utensil

Ordinary Utensil

Hassan A. Usman

By Hassan A. Usman

For Leo

Into March,       I follow my misfortune.    I am catastrophic—

a standout among the recipes for a sad poem.

I annihilate        the        carnation flowers sprouting

inside of me,        what I let grow        are a raven’s eggs,

darkness,              & an open wound.

I swear I’m not possessed— I              like to think of

the knife as a good friend,              unlike a ray of light,

you say:              you sharp creature,        cut into the skin,

into the coursing blood,        & it obeys.

Whatever gives me loyalty,        gives me joy. But

would you ever believe        if I told you that the bliss I pursue

is              an ordinary          utensil?

Again,        I remember Leo.        I have seen him in different places

including graveyards,        the        point of intersection

between us               is               loneliness;

the wind                                     took my cat

from the proximity to his cage,        from my gaze—

ours is

a poem        about        destruction.


Hassan A. Usman, NGP II, is a black (performance) poet and a lover of cats. Hassan enjoys cooking, listening to Nigerian street music, and juggles writing with modeling. He tweets @billio_speaks

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