Palia: All Crafting Recipes

Palia: All Crafting Recipes


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Cozy enthusiasts who want to add their flare to their Palia homes via furniture and decorations are in luck, as the new MMO adventure offers dozens of options to unlock and build. These include furniture to decorate your home, tools to help improve your skills, or items that can benefit you, like cooking.

** This guide is still in progress and we will continue to update it as we gather more information**

To help make finding what you need or specific recipes easier, we’ve put together this guide that includes all the crafting recipes in Palia, their cost, and what materials you’ll need to make them.

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How to Get Crafting Recipes & Furniture Making Inspiration

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Finding crafting recipes in Palia is pretty simple, as most of them will be available from their respective guild store, which unlocks at level two of a skill and will be available to purchase once you reach the right level.

Here we have listed each of the vendors and their respective guild stores so you know who you need to talk to:

  • Einar – Fishing
  • Auni – Bug Catching
  • Badruu – Gardening
  • Tish – Furniture Making
  • Reth – Cooking
  • Hassian – Hunting
  • Hodari – Mining
  • Foraging – Ashura

Furniture Making is a bit different from the other skills, as you’ll learn new recipes as you do the skill. Whenever you craft a piece of furniture for the first time, you will see a pop-up of three thought bubbles over your character’s head. Each of these will have a silhouette of an item you can choose, and after picking, you will learn the recipe for that item, which will be in the same collection. For example, if you create a Kilima Large Lantern, you may be able to learn the recipe for a bookcase or wall lamp.

All Crafting Recipes

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Below we have listed all the crafting recipes we have discovered so far in Palia. We have separated them into their respective skills, so finding what you are looking for is easier.

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Furniture Making

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