Street Fighter 6 – Best Character Recipes

Street Fighter 6 – Best Character Recipes

Street Fighter 6 is the first entry in the series to offer a character creator mode, allowing players to form their own Avatar, who can be used as the protagonist of the World Tour mode or as their representative in the Battle Hub. This has led to fans creating some truly gorgeous Character Recipes based on popular fictional characters.

From other video games to anime shows, here are some of the best Street Fighter 6 character recipe codes you can get your hands on.

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Best Character Recipe Codes in Street Fighter 6

If you want to use a Character Recipe for your Street Fighter 6 Avatar, head into a Battle Hub room and go to the Body Shop. This stand is located just to the right of the Extreme Battle arcade cabinets. Then, cycle through the tabs until you come to the one that looks like a book (it should be the last one in the queue), then click “Download Recipe.” You will then be prompted to enter a code consisting of numbers of letters. You can download and use the recipe for your Avatar if you input the code correctly.

Power From Chainsaw Man in Street Fighter 6

Chainsaw Man is one of the world’s biggest anime & manga franchises right now, and it’s only fitting that Power, with her incredible intelligence and beauty, makes her way to Metro City and joins the World Warriors. While she lacks the powers of the Blood Devil in this incarnation, she could still wreak havoc with an unconventional fighting style if she took someone like Lily or Juri as a Master in the World Tour mode.

The Power from Chainsaw Man recipe was created by the aptly named PowerEnjoyer1 on Reddit. The Character Recipe for this Avatar is – 8QV7DTGMS

Ganondorf From The Legend Of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom in Street Fighter 6

The Demon King of Hyrule hasn’t had the best of luck in fighting games, as he has consistently been one of the worst characters in the Super Smash Bros. series due to his slow speed and poor recovery options. The fans of Ganondorf can ignore his Super Smash Bros. iteration and, instead, create the Tears of the Kingdom version in Street Fighter 6, sending him off to take over Metro City, possibly with Zangief or JP as his Master.

The Ganondorf from The Legend of Zelda skins were created by Reddit user picturetakingaccount. The two character recipes are – NLD3L8XMP and 4AXB78LXQ

2D From Gorillaz in Street Figher 6

2D from Gorillaz isn’t exactly fighting game material when it comes to concept, as the lead singer of an animated band voiced by notorious hard man Damon Albarn of Blur isn’t going to be a candidate for the next Super Smash Bros. What’s awesome about this Character Recipe is how it captures the unconventional look of the character and brings it into the world of Street Fighter 6, which has its fair share of bizarre-looking individuals.

The 2D from Gorillaz skin in Street Fighter 6 was created by Reddit user Pace1137. The Character Recipe for the skin is – PMNYV7SCU

Futaba Sakura From Persona 5 in Street Fighter 6

Joker from Persona 5 might have wormed his way into Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, but the other Phantom Thieves of Heart members can all hang out in Metro City. Case in point, this character skin lets you create Futaba Sakura and send her on a mission to become the next World Warrior. The World Tour mode features a lot of hackers, so Futaba would fit right in here, and the fact that she’s a support character in Persona 5 means that the player is free to give her any Master they wish.

The Futaba from Persona 5 skin was created by Reddit user disposaldevice. The Character Recipe is – PXDX7XTPT

Kratos From God of War in Street Fighter 6

Like some of the characters on this list, Kratos is no stranger to the world of fighting games, as he appeared as a guest fighter in Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny. In Street Fighter 6, Kratos will have to leave his weapons at the door, but he can still rip his many enemies to shreds with his bare hands, with a character like Marisa or Zangief as his Master to represent the unbridled power of the son of Zeus. Players can pretend that this is what happened to Kratos during the vacation he took between God of War 3 and the sequel series.

The Kratos from God of War skin for Street Fighter 6 was created by Reddit user DarkNemeZis666. The Character Recipe is – RBADUHXPC

Geralt of Rivia From The Witcher in Street Fighter 6

Like Kratos, Geralt from The Witcher franchise was also a guest fighter in the Soulcalibur series, having appeared in Soulcalibur VI. His likeness can be used in Street Fighter 6, though he’ll have to ditch his twin swords, magic, and loyal horse Roach as he wanders the streets of Metro City in search of monsters to fight. Hopefully, he’ll consider the many wandering combatants in Metro City as suitable foes, especially as they’ll be tossing him coins if he can beat their special requirements in battle.

The Geralt of Rivia skin for Street Fighter 6 was created by Reddit user ClemsoH. The Character Recipe for Geralt is – WS53WJ9YY

Cloud Strife & Sephiroth From Final Fantasy VII in Street Fighter 6

These two iconic JRPG characters have appeared in several fighting games, as both Cloud Strife and Sephiroth have appeared in Ehrgeiz and the Super Smash Bros. series. They’ll have to drop their iconic Buster Sword and Masamune blades in Street Fighter 6 from their arsenal. However, fans can still enjoy using them in the World Tour mode, with Cloud on the lookout for Mako Reactors to blow up and Sephiroth hoping to do to Metro City what he did to Nibelheim.

The Cloud Strife and Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII skins for Street Fighter 6 were created by Reddit user itsRavenQuinn. The Character Recipes are – W8L5QAQXR for Cloud and C6693J5VD for Sephiroth.

Poison From Final Fight in Street Fighter 6

There are only eighteen characters in Street Fighter 6, not counting the customizable Avatar the player designs. Capcom has fully embraced the microtransaction model, so more characters will be coming to Street Fighter 6 in the future, with four already planned. One character who is likely to come in the future is Poison from Final Fight, as she already appeared in Street Fighter 5, but players can use her right now as a skin, thanks to the Character Recipe below.

The Poison from Final Fight skin for Street Fighter 6 was created by Reddit user pharsticage. The Character Recipe is – BKXWPXWN6

Hercule/Mr. Satan From Dragon Ball Z

Street Fighter 6’s character creator options currently lack the big spikes that would be required for the Super Saiyan characters in the Dragon Ball franchise, but why settle for the rest when you can go for the best? You could play as Hercule/Mister Satan instead, the guy who defeated Perfect Cell and was responsible for the destruction of Kid Buu. In all seriousness, the foes in Metro City would be more his style, and he could finally live out his dream of being the world’s greatest fighter in a setting where people who can blow up planets don’t exist.

The Hercule from Dragon Ball Z character skin was created by Reddit user PeteyJYo. The Character Recipe is – 5EDUFVGJ4

Ciri From The Witcher In Street Fighter 6

Unlike Geralt, Ciri from The Witcher franchise has yet to appear in a fighting game. So, Street Fighter 6 players can bring the Princess of Cintra to Metro City, as part of her mission to escape from the Wild Hunt. Like Geralt, she’ll have to ditch her sword and magical powers, but the player can keep her Blink teleport ability, should they choose Dhalsim or JP as a Master, as their mystical powers allow them to flit around the battlefield.

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The Ciri from The Witcher skin for Street Fighter 6 was created by Reddit user North_Grapefruit_192. The Character Recipe is – VRLR8VEWM

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