That’s a wrap on our #2023VeganChallenge!

That’s a wrap on our #2023VeganChallenge!

Thanks for all who participated in our #2023VeganChallenge! We hope you tried some delicious and environmentally-conscious recipes!

A cornucopia of fruits and vegan breads with the text 'That's a Wrap! 2023 Vegan Challenge' on top.
Thanks to all who participated in this year’s vegan challenge! Credit: Canva Breanne Doyle

And just like that! We’ve wrapped our #2023VeganChallenge.

Thank you to all our readers who tried recipes along with us at home and for those who followed along with our content on the site.

In case you missed it, here is some great content we’ve shared this week:

We also shared a lot of wonderful recipes this week. If you’re interested in receiving an email which includes all the recipes we’ve shared (including ones we shared on social media and the site!) as part of our #2023VeganChallenge, please sign up here!

Do you want to revisit past Vegan Challenges? Check out our challenges throughout the years  here.

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