The Most Popular Dessert Recipes of 2022

The Most Popular Dessert Recipes of 2022

That’s all, 2022. From the good (most popular recipes!) to the bad (least favorite food trends!), we’re spending December looking back. Head here for all the stories in BA’s year in review.

Bananas have stolen the number one spot of most popular dessert, two years in a row. The year 2021 was all about the Classic Banana Pudding. For 2022, we turned up the heat with a boozy, caramelly Classic Bananas Foster (time to brush up on your flambé). Whether you go bananas for bananas or prefer a tender raspberry-filled chiffon cake, satisfy your sweet tooth with these knockout dessert recipes.

And for pre-dessert, we have lots of new favorites from this year. Are you in the mood for chicken? Perhaps soup? Maybe pasta? If you aren’t sure, the new Epicurious iOS app is here to help out—it’s got over 50,000 recipes.

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