The Most Popular Recipes of September 2023

The Most Popular Recipes of September 2023

Of the many, many recipes we publish, there are bound to be a few favorites that steal the spotlight. From seasonal showstoppers to comforting classics, these are the recipes our readers can’t get enough of. Head right this way for all of our greatest hits, and check out our new Epicurious iOS app for even more recipes to browse through.

The most popular recipes of September were big on the classics, like BA’s Best Risotto, a back-to-basics pursuit of al dente, creamy rice. Equally iconic: this timeless Cosmopolitan cocktail, luminescent pink and glimmering with sophistication.

But riffs were just as adored, like this not-your-nonna’s-lasagna where cottage cheese (gasp!) is used as the tangy swap for ricotta. These tofu nuggets were also a favorite as a plant-based alternative to the chicken nuggets you may have grown up on—or still fuel yourself on (no judgement). Here, tofu does not need to be pressed—the liquid keeps the nuggets tender and juicy.

For more beloved classics and ingenious riffs, here are September’s most-loved recipes.

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