This new artificial intelligence is a game-changer for vegans

This new artificial intelligence is a game-changer for vegans

VEG3 has released the beta-version of the world’s first artificial intelligence marketing assistant for vegans.

According to the company, VEG3 can write blogs, emails, press releases, advertising copy and social media posts in seconds. It can also create vegan recipes from scratch and even respond to anti-vegan comments with a pro-vegan argument.

“VEG3 was trained on tens of thousands of examples of marketing copy from plant-based businesses and animal rights charities, so it’s capable of writing a wide range of different types of content” says Sam Tucker, founder of VEG3.

Over the coming months, the company will be continuing to add new features and retrain their existing artificial intelligence models based on user feedback during the public beta test.

“We expect that our tools will not only be able to help you with writing your marketing copy today, but will also be able to automate a much wider range of marketing tasks in the near future” said Tucker.

“Ultimately, the goal is to make VEG3 the only marketing tool you need to run a successful plant-based business.”

Users can generate more than 3,000 words of marketing copy per month free of charge during the public beta test and further credits are available for purchase at a discounted rate during the testing phase.

“We’ve worked hard to make VEG3 easy to use, even for non-technical users” Tucker said. “There’s no programming involved and you don’t need any experience using an AI tool. Just sign up for a free account, write a sentence or two explaining what kind of copy you want the AI to generate and VEG3 will do the rest for you”.

To learn more about VEG3, or to sign up for a free account, visit

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